About Dawn

Dawn Noble, President and founder of Balance & Beyond, is a registered nurse and professional organizer. She has provided nursing care in both the hospital and home care settings for over 20 years. During her experience as a home care nurse, Dawn became increasingly aware the effect our environments have on our health. As she continued to care for individuals in their home, she discovered her passion and innate ability to assist these individuals in redesigning their living areas to better suit their needs. Dawn began exploring more opportunities to assist people in redesigning the systems in their life, be it their home environment or office space, it is through this exploration that Dawn realized her calling in life. Every space, drawer, closet, system she helped a friend, client, patient restructure she repeatedly heard, ‘wow, I feel so much better’. She began her quest to use her talents and energies in this way.


Dawn’s background as a nurse provides a foundation for addressing the effects their environments have on their health. As founder of Balance and Beyond, Dawn has emerged as a real life woman, speaking and inspiring real life people to design a life they love.


Dawn’s story is familiar to every overwhelmed, happy, exhausted, proud, caring woman who dedicates herself to creating a simple, loving, joyous life for herself and her family. If, in the midst of your daily routine (which may be much more chaotic than you’d like to admit) you have sighed “there’s got to be a better way!” then you are speaking Dawn’s language.


Though the details may differ, you may well see your own challenges reflected in what Dawn has gone through. She was working too many hours at a job that just didn’t inspire her. She didn’t feel healthy, she wasn’t feeling happy, and she had a craving for better, but wasn’t sure how to get there. For her, the hardest part: she was trying “everything” to get pregnant and nothing seemed to work.


Knowing there had to be a better way to live her life, she took the big step: she walked away. She quit her job. She dedicated herself to some full-time soul searching and investigated natural approaches to health and healing. A year later, she started a business that really spoke to her heart – or at least felt good in the moment – and she helped others get organized. When she started Balance & Beyond, she truly began to understand the clarity that was available when someone clears their space of the ‘clutter’, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Dawn credits that tremendous learning process with helping inspire the most important kinds of growth: the growth of a family and the growth of a business that is fueled by her innate gifts and passions.


Now a mother of three beautiful girls and continuing to explore what the “Beyond” of her life and her business can be, Dawn is sharing her passion for helping others create simple, healthy, happy homes and lives. She sees it as her mission to share what her experiences have taught her, all the while blazing a trail for her family and herself that is marked by an enduring sense of fulfillment and connection.


Dawn established Balance & Beyond with the premise that if she could gather and provide valuable information to her clients, information they did not have time to collect themselves, but that would have a positive and immediate effect on their lives, she could offer this service and information on a large scale and effect the health of individuals and families everywhere.


Dawn is a wife, mother, professional organizer, nurse, motivational speaker. She is founder and co-owner of Balance & Beyond. Dawn has presented hundreds of workshops and worked with countless clients. Her presentations are inspirational and entertaining. She prides herself on providing attendees with valuable information and simple techniques that can be applied instantly for immediate and dramatic results.


Dawn holds her B.S. degree in nursing from Rutgers the State University. She has received numerous awards for her vision and leadership, both in the nursing world and in management. She is recognized in the Professional Organizing world as a leader in the industry. Her peers see her as a hard working, passionate mom and entrepreneur. She currently lives in Middletown, New Jersey, with her husband and three daughters.


Dawn successfully launched her business, Balance & Beyond, in 1998, a home-based Professional Organizing business where she works directly with clients to increase their personal and professional productivity through systems and organization. She inspires thousands both publicly and within fortune 100 and 500 companies, with her humor filled presentations and workshop. Dawn was asked to write the “how to” book for new Professional Organizers. Her book, “How to Start Your Home-Based Professional Organizing Business” was published in April of 2007, with a second edition in 2011. She regularly holds training programs for those interested in starting a career in organizing, and is seen as a leader in the industry.


In 1998 Dawn established Balance & Beyond, with the tag line, “information for better living” knowing that, although her first approach will be the organizing, more was to follow and she didn’t want to limit herself or her business.