Dawn’s Favorite Things


Box bottom Hanging Files: 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and combo pack of all three sizes


I love these file folders. They come in some great colors and are double reinforced tabs so that the files stay neat for a very long time, no dog-earing of the tab tops.


IKEA’s file cabinets (not sold on Amazon. We can add these in another time)

The “Effectiv” grouping. I like these cabinets because the drawers extended out fully; they hold up under repeated use and can tolerate a good amount of weight in the drawers.

(also not available on Amazon) Ultimate Document Desktop Organizer found at www.ultoffice.com.  I like this because it’s a great way to store many frequently used lists or documents, keeping them at your fingertips and organized.


(also not on Amazon) The Triple Decker Desk Organizer found at www.Levenger.com.  The drawers pull completely out for ease of use, it can be labeled on the front of the drawers and it’s stylish.  Great desktop piece.


The Portable File Cart found at www.staples.com.  Whenever you need quick access to files and form isn’t critical, these file carts are awesome.  They are priced right and make using your files easy and convened.  You can roll them up to any work area and get started.

Panef, white silicone lubricant found at www.hometownstores.com. I like this product because I can use it on all surfaces to eliminate rubbing, squeaking, sticking, instantly.  My clients think I’ve worked magic.


Plastic drawer boxes, varying sizes found at www.stacksandstacks.com  These are essential to creating a finished look in a drawer with undergarments, socks, t-shirts, etc.  They are inexpensive but create a polished finish to any organizing job.


Three-bin laundry sorter found at www.stacksandstacks.com I like the ones that are permanently attached to the frame, not hooked on, they are easiest to use.  It’s an inexpensive product that clients will wonder how they did without it.


Purse Pac Storage found at www.stacksandstacks.com.  Separate compartments make this a great piece for the small closet items.  It can be turned on its side or laying down to fit different spots.


Dish stackers at a variety of home stores are great for creating more space in the cabinets.  I like them because moving shelves up and down is not always possible and these stackers create more storage space and keep different sized items separate instead of stacking them on top of each other.


Closet rod extenders found at a variety of home stores.  These are great to create double the short hanging space for very little cost.  It’s great for children’s room to create a section that is at their height and fosters independence with their clothes.


Kids Hanging Organizer