Live Stream On-Line Organizing – Coming Soon!


Grab a cup of coffee, pull up in front of your computer, and join Dawn for her weekly webinar series. Dawn streams live directly from an organizing project happening with a client from her organizing studio in New Jersey. Learn quick and easy tips and techniques for each area of the home/office from a seasoned professional organizer.


Each month is a series that focuses on a particular area of the home: kitchen, garage, home office, bedrooms, paperwork, and more. Dawn teaches you how to apply her 5-step implementation process to each area of your home.


Each week Dawn will stream live and share with you the actual steps giving you immediate and clear actions to take in your space to gain the clutter free, organizing space you crave. Not available at the time Dawn airs live? No worries, Dawn records each session and it is available for viewing for an entire week, right up until the next weekly session.


The monthly topics are best experienced in full, from the beginning of the month, however if it’s week two, three or four and you want to get started, go for it! Immediately after signing up, you receive Dawn’s introductory series, “Organizing for the Health of It”. This series of videos is impactful and has lots of ‘homework’ to get you moving towards your first live weekly session.


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Whether you’re looking to educate, entertain, inform, or inspire your audience, Dawn brings information, practical solutions, and motivation to your audience, all with a dose of hilarious self-disclosure and humor. As a corporate trainer, staff educator and personal coach, Dawn ability to communicate, combined with compassion and understanding, allows her to connect on an emotional level with her audience. Dawn’s approach is not to lecture or repeat the same information employees, attendees and members have already heard, but to work with them creating the ‘next steps’ of getting it done. Her passion is in sharing information. Dawn’s audiences laugh, they cry, they think.


Dawn has lots of energy and loves to laugh. She utilizes her experiences and sense of humor in creating an inspiring, educational, and enthusiastic message.


There are many levels and options for Dawn’s participation at your event, see below. Dawn speaks frequently in her home state of New Jersey, and can also be booked for presentations around the country based on availability. All topics are custom designed for her audiences and will work with you to design a presentation that is tailored to fit your audience, their interests and needs. First choose from below the type of event you would like Dawn to participate in, then take a look at our Topics page to see what might work for your audience.


Dawn’s presentations are real and practical and her animated style is energetic and engaging. Through humor and personal stories she touches each person right where they are and puts them on track to getting exactly what it is they need out of the experience. Conference presentations are designed for larger crowds, may include visuals depending on client request.


Group & Club Presentations
Dawn has a vast background at these smaller, more intimate presentations. This is how she started and grew her business. She has spoken to and for a variety of groups in a wide array of settings. During the day, evenings, weekends or weekdays. Schools, churches, living rooms, offices, and more. Appropriate technology is used to meet the clients needs.


Truly a modified version of any of Dawn’s speaking topics can be utilized to begin, end or infuse energy to any conference or workshop program. Dawn will work with event organizers to determine the exact affect and impact they are seeking and create a memorable experience for attendees. The energy and impact of Dawn’s style is infectious and attendees leave feeling uplifted and energized.


Lunch & Learns
30-60-90 minute presentations to employees during the lunch hour. This event can be department specific, topic specific, large or small groups. What starts as a lunch and learn has often grown into series workshops based on attendee interest levels and crafting programs that suit the exact needs of the group.


Panel Discussions
With this presentation style, the topic is predetermined by the organization. Dawn can be part of a panel of individuals with various background. Panel discussions usually last about one (1) hour followed by audience questions. Dawn’s perspective is one of being a wife, mom, entrepreneur, that is most interested in being present in every moment of life, while still enjoying all the creative energies she enjoys to express herself. She enjoys sharing her belief that creating a simpler life that reflects who we are and what’s important to us, will be a healthier environment not only for us, but for those around us. These simpler lives keep ‘dis-ease’ at bay more naturally and more effectively than any drug out there.


Staff Development
Workshops, presentations, lunch and learns…all are a part of the staff development experience. What Dawn is also able to do, is to not only engage the crowd for 30/60/90 minute instructional venues, but to follow these experiences with a personal one-on-one ‘visit’ of sorts in the employees own space, cubicle, office, department. Employees are excited to have Dawn evaluate their individual space and give them specific pointers or follow-up.


Some of Dawn’s topics are even more effective and engaging when they come to life with hands-on activities and fully engaging demonstrations. Workshops are tailored to the group size, demographics (she’s even worked with 6th graders doing locker organizing!) and desired outcomes. Come to Dawn with an idea and she will help you create the best workshop or workshop series for your group.


Healthcare Professionals/Organizations:
Dawn’s combination of organizing experiences and talent, coupled with her nursing/healthcare background, makes her a power house when it comes to working in the healthcare setting. She is passionate about healthcare and organizing and welcomes any opportunity to assist caregivers, nurses, healthcare organizations create environments that streamline the care process. Call and talk with Dawn about her recent work in this area and your specific needs.


Here is a partial list of Dawn’s topics:


  • 5 Steps to Organizing Anything
  • File, Don’t Pile
  • Organizing for the Health of It
  • Downsize to Revitalize
  • Balancing Conventional and Holistic Healthcare Options

See a full list and basic description on the topics page