What Dawn Talks About…

Dawn’s presentation style is relaxed, informative, and inspirational. She uses stories, examples, and a bit of humorous self-disclosure to engage and inspire her audiences. Dawn has lots of energy and loves to laugh. She connects on an emotional level with her audience and no matter the message she is delivering, a serious sobering message or a light-hearted anecdote, Dawn captures the audience’s attention, is relatable, and conveys the message clearly.


Dawn has been offering workshops, seminars, presentations, you name it, for many years and has a wealth of information, stories, examples, ideas, to fill up from 20 minutes to 20 hours of time. Review the topics, review the participation styles (Service page) get a feel for what you are looking to do and then call Dawn or her team to begin putting the offering together.


Specific groups or topics are not a problem. Dawn has worked with 6th graders organizing their lockers, adult developmentally disabled daycare attendees finding and using a day planner, homeschooling families creating organization, home office entrepreneurs, fortune 500 & 100 companies (and their executives!) you name it, Dawn has seen it. Let Dawn know what your groups needs are and watch her work her magic!




5 Steps to Organizing Anything – Learn how to create an environment that supports who you are and what’s important to you. Create systems that match your needs and are simple and easy to use and maintain. With these 5 simple steps, you have your roadmap through the chaos. You will confidently approach each organizing project with this formula and be able to design and carry out a plan that is custom designed to your needs.


Organizing for the Health of It / Creating a Healthy Home – Nurse and Professional Organizer, Dawn, will show you how having simplicity and order in your life will actually heal you in ways you didn’t know possible. “Our environments reflect what’s going on emotionally and physically inside our bodies” What is your environment saying about your health? Come and learn the basics of de-cluttering and organizing your home.  Take this approach with any room in your home and completely transform your living space and your life!  Feel the health benefits from living organized, living easier.


There’s Got to Be a Better Way! – Feeling the stress of how to get it all done leads some of us to immobilization. Unlock your power to focus, identify and execute the exact items that will get you the greatest satisfaction in your everyday life. When overwhelmed with the “have-tos” we rarely get to the “want-tos”. This presentation explores that myth and provides inspiration and information to make real changes real quick. We look at life with new glasses on and provide a sense of relief and hope that is refreshing.


Downsize to Revitalize – Create an environment that is simple, clear and relaxing to live in. Learn simple, easy to follow steps on organizing, downsizing and clutter proofing. Furniture, papers, knick-knacks, clothes…you name it there is a simple, organized method for going through these items and creating an environment that is healthy and enjoyable to live in. Learn the steps to take to systematically plow through years of accumulations and free yourself from the weight of your possessions.


File, Don’t Pile! – Learn how to get those papers under control once and for all! Learn a better paperwork management process better than sorting and resorting those piles of papers on every horizontal surface. Reclaim your dining room table and kitchen counters! Learn to create a file system for all your papers and project needs. Once established this file system grows with you and will be the backbone of all your future paperwork needs. Identify exactly what products you need and where to find them fast. Leave with the simple, clear steps in designing your own custom paperwork management system.


Balance & Beyond – ‘Balance’ is a journey through time management, organization, and simplifying life. ‘Beyond’ are the moments in life that touch our heart and soul with such joy and happiness that we can’t help but rest in the moment and absorb every bit of it. Defining both Balance and Beyond for yourself is the key to being able to obtain it. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, but knowing you’re on the path to getting there is satisfying. These are some of the very reasons Dawn started her company. Custom tailored to each audience, this is a powerful, inspirational exchange of energy.


Balancing Conventional and Holistic Healthcare Options – Registered Nurse Dawn Noble will share her experiences and expertise in balancing modern medicine with alternative and holistic options. Hear how she makes informed decisions about her family’s health care without ignoring her intuition, learn techniques for dealing with the challenges and pressures from both sides, and get support in finding your own path through the maze of health options and uncertainties. With the premise that our environments have an impact on our health, Dawn utilizes her talents in a variety of areas to assist families creating a path to wellness in a variety of ways.


Wellness Now – It’s not okay to leave it, “until the weekend”, “until after the holidays”, “once the kids get back to school”, or “when things slow down a bit”…it’s not okay. Your community (friends, family, co-workers) need you in good shape now. When you’re in good shape emotionally, mentally, spiritually, those around you thrive as well. What does wellness like for you? Learn how to make the needed lifestyle changes NOW before another day, week, year goes by and you hear yourself saying, “when things slow down a bit”.